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Veterans 2022 Laws and Resolutions - Click on the Bill Number to view the Bill History and Voting Record.


Measure Short Title
HB1067 Veterans; creating the Dignity in Burial Act; directing the Department of Veterans Affairs to establish a program to ensure dignified burial for certain veterans; effective date.
HB1800 Higher education; tuition status for spouse and dependent children of members of Armed Forces; effective date.
HB3709 Public retirement systems; Oklahoma Pension Legislation Actuarial Analysis Act; definition; Oklahoma Police Pension and Retirement System; Uniform Retirement System for Justices and Judges; Oklahoma Law Enforcement Retirement System; Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System; military service credit; term; effective dates.
SB1269 Military Department; allowing Military Department to purchase IT equipment without approval from OMES. Effective date.
SB1286 Child care; broadening certain exemption from the Child Care Facilities Licensing Act. Emergency.
SB1333 Cemeteries; transferring union soldier cemetery to Department of Veterans Affairs; designating property as state veterans cemetery. Emergency.
SB1416 Higher education; providing in-state status for current Oklahoma National Guard members. Effective date. Emergency.
SB1418 Higher education; creating the Oklahoma National Guard Educational Assistance Act; providing for eligibility. Effective date. Emergency.
SB1587 Veterans; creating K-I-A Reinterment Fund. Effective date. Emergency.
SB1667 Ad valorem tax code; providing exception to requirement for notification of increase of property valuation. Effective date.
SB1670 Sales tax exemption; providing exemption to widow of a military member who has died in combat. Emergency.
SB1814 Soldiers and sailors; Oklahoma Veterans Centers; specifying establishment of sites; transfer of operations. Emergency.
SB401 Income tax adjustments; exempting military retirement benefits from tax. Effective date.
SB856 State Travel Reimbursement; exempting the Oklahoma Military Department. Effective date.
HB3649 Revenue and taxation; sales tax exemption; veteran service organizations; effective date; emergency.
SB1496 Sales tax; providing exemption for women's veteran's organization. Effective date.
HR1042 Resolution expressing support for the people of Ukraine and Taiwan; condemning recent attacks and threats; and urging immediate removal of Russian troops.

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