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Health Care Laws and Resolutions 2022 -Click on the Bill Number to view the Bill History and Voting Record.


Measure Short Title
HB3040 Medicare supplement policies; eliminating exemption from filing requirements; effective date.
HB3087 County jails; officer refusal to receive prisoner; medical exceptions; effective date.
HB3132 Public health; emergency medical personnel; municipalities; public ambulance service districts; emergency medical service districts; first responders; agreements; effective date.
HB3278 Emergency medical services; definitions; terms; repealer; effective date.
HB3319 Health care provider licensing; definitions; emergency licensing conditions; expiration; effective date; emergency.
HB3469 Public health and safety; autopsies; deceased child; exceptions; conditions; consent; medical examiner; effective date.
HB3504 Health insurance; definitions; mammography; effective date.
HB3867 Psychiatric and chemical dependency service; exception; effective date.
HB4143 Emergency services; creating the Emergency Management Assistance Compact and Rescue Out of State Deployments Revolving Fund; effective date.
HB4227 Mental health; urgent recovery clinics; definition; private centers; persons involuntarily committed; effective date.
SB1123 Medicolegal investigations; requiring certain notification under certain circumstances; requiring written report within certain timeframe. Effective date.
SB1134 State Medicaid program; repealing certain residency requirement for home and community-based services. Emergency.
SB1203 Public health; creating Courtney's Law; requiring provision of certain information about chromosomal disorders. Effective date.
SB1235 Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services; modifying name of certain facility. Emergency.
SB1323 State Medicaid program; authorizing certain recognition of self-funded or self-insured health care plan; allowing participation in certain premium assistance program. Effective date.
SB1398 Public health; eliminating Health Care Information Advisory Committee; deleting certain requirements. Effective date.
SB1432 Practice of dentistry; modifying various provisions of the State Dental Act. Effective date.
SB1462 Public health; creating Ava's Law; requiring certain persons to provide certain information to pregnant individuals; requiring State Department of Health to compile and publish certain educational resources. Effective date.
SB1464 Public health; requiring list of disorders on state newborn screening program to match federal Recommended Uniform Screening Panel to extent practicable. Effective date.
SB1467 State Medicaid program; requiring Oklahoma Health Care Authority to conduct certain annual review. Effective date.
SB1503 Abortion; creating the Oklahoma Heartbeat Act; prohibiting performance of abortion except under certain conditions; providing for and prohibiting certain enforcement. Emergency.
SB1515 Emergency medical services; allowing certified emergency medical response agency to provide limited transport under certain conditions. Effective date.
SB1596 Health care power of attorney; creating the Oklahoma Health Care Agent Act; establishing requirements for power of attorney for health care. Emergency.
SB1661 State Medicaid program; defining term for specified purpose. Effective date. Emergency.
SB1814 Soldiers and sailors; Oklahoma Veterans Centers; specifying establishment of sites; transfer of operations. Emergency.
HR1068 Recognizing May 6th through 12th as National Nurses Week.
HB2322 State Medicaid program; Ensuring Access to Medicaid Act; broadening certain definition; reimbursements; providers; pharmacists; effective date; emergency; contingent effectiveness.
HB2776 Health care workforce development; creating the Health Care Workforce Development and Finance Act of 2022; creating the Health Care Workforce Development Revolving Fund; renaming certain agency of the state.
HB2779 Emergency room capacity; making an appropriation to the University Hospital Authority; source and amount; referencing actions of the Joint Committee on Pandemic Relief Funding.
SB1337 State Medicaid program; directing Health Care Authority to enter into capitated contracts to transform Medicaid delivery system for certain Medicaid populations; modifying various provisions of the Ensuring Access to Medicaid Act; repealers. Effective date. Emergency. Conditional effect.
SB1396 Supplemental hospital offset payment program; adding definitions; purposes funded; transfers. Emergency.

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